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Bow Tie & Bustle: The Blog

The time has come! Yep, it’s time to switch over to a new blog. As sad as it is to leave my jbpapier blog behind (after all this is where I started my journey towards full-fledged entrepreneurship and recorded some of the most amazing experiences of my life thus far) I’m really excited about the new blog! I’m planning on posting on all sorts of new things (real weddings, friday finds, current inspirations, color combos, and more!). I’m also bringing along all of my old posts cause I just couldn’t let go of all the old paper goodies and travel pics!

For those of you who subscribe to this blog I hope you will continue following me on my new blog: bow tie & bustle: the blog. The enormous support I’ve received throughout this journey has been incredible, and I look forward to hearing from you on the new blog! Until then, here’s a couple of pics from this weekend’s Montmartre shoot…


Head to the new blog to catch another fantastic glimpse of the shoot!


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Sneak Peek: Montmartre Shoot

After 6 weeks of making new friends in the wedding industry, hours and hours of scouting for antiques and fresh ideas, crafting to the point of blistered fingers, an array of restless nights, and a house that continually looks like a bomb of craft supplies exploded inside it, the time is almost here! 4 days to go!

Yep, this Sunday I’m putting my heart and soul into a bridal inspiration shoot. The intention of a “styled shoot” is to showcase the work of the various businesses that contribute their talents and services to the shoot itself. I’ve coordinated an amazing team of women (9 to be exact) and I’m so excited to be jumping feet first into the industry!

I feel incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to design a shoot that is wholeheartedly inspired by my time in Europe and my love for Montmartre. I’m excited to share something that is quirky, colorful, eclectic, whimsical and a spin on the traditional “Parisian” look. Montmartre is hands down one of my favorite places in the world and is the place where I built the confidence to start Bow Tie & Bustle. It only seemed fitting that my first inspiration shoot was all about the land of Montmartre.

Here’s a “sneak peek” of what’s to come (I’m squealing inside!) and of course a pic of my dedicated assistant and sidekick B-Bug Blake.


My inspiration wall…

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A Shower of Love

Over the past several months I have been extremely excited for my good friend, Emma, and her fiance, Jason, to get married. Emma and Jason are quickly becoming some of mine and Adam’s closest friends in Seattle. Finding a great friend is tough enough, but finding a great couple that you AND your spouse have things in common with, AND enjoy hanging out with is hard to find.

I have worked with Emma for quite some time now, and her spunky east coast personality, and HUGE heart make her such an amazing person to be around. I am going to miss her terribly in September when I am no longer with Becoming Parents, but I know that Emma and I will remain close friends for many, many years to come.

Emma and Jason are getting married on September 18th in upstate New York, and I wanted to throw Emma a bridal shower with her closest girlfriends before her big day. I set a plan to decorate her shower with bright girly colors, and decided to use canary yellow, gray, purple, red and hot pink as the primary colors for both the party and her shower invitations.

For the past several months, I have been wanting to use these tiny heart buttons I found, and I thought that Emma’s shower invitation just might be the perfect way to incorporate them into my designs. I stamped an umbrella onto white cardstock, embossed it, and then hand stitched the heart buttons to represent raindrops. I wanted the umbrella and “raindrops” to not only represent a “shower of love” for Emma, but to also symbolize Emma’s life with Jason in Seattle.

Check em’ out! And Happy Bridal Shower Em!


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S + T = Love

I’m flying to CO this morning for my sister Sarah’s wedding. I’m super excited and honored to stand beside her on her big day!

It’s hard for me to imagine that the little girl that I grew up pushing and shoving, laughing with, and loving, is all grown up and about to say “I do”. I have MANY fond memories with her, but one of my all time favorites is a home video where she turns to the camera, and in the sweetest voice at 3 years old says “Mom, can I have my birthday now.” 20 years later she is on her way down the aisle…amazing.

Being a big sister is the best. I’ve gotten the opportunity to witness all of my sister’s triumphs and tribulations, and have watched her mature into such a beautiful woman. Sarah is one of the most caring, kind-hearted, determined, self-driven, uber-talented, generous, thoughtful, and inspiring people I have ever met. I’m proud to call her my sister, and I’m excited to see her grow alongside Tristan in their new lives together as husband and wife. I know Tristan and Sarah will take good care of one another, and I look forward to having a new brother : ) Never had one of those before!

I created a box for Sarah and Tristan to hold all of their most cherished wedding memories. I used turquoise and red (their wedding colors), and included a “5 of hearts” for their wedding day (August 5th) and each of their names as a way to personalize the box.

I hope this box is a reminder of the love, laughter, tears, excitement, exhaustion, joy, and thrill that they are sure to experience and share on their wedding day. Congratulations you two!

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Keepsakes in a Keepsake

My good buddy Emma asked me a bit ago to create a “keepsake box” for her friend Jen. Jen is getting married this week (July 17th to be exact), and Emma is a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding back in Philadelphia. Jen and Emma have been friends for many years and Emma wanted to give her something extra special on her wedding day.

I had told Emma awhile back that one of the most amazing and emotional gifts I had ever received was a box with the name “Blake” on it given to me by my sister Sarah just moments before I walked down the aisle. Sarah had advised me that the box represented who I was about to become, but that it should also hold keepsakes and treasures in it that represented who I was in my past: an “Elliott.” That box, to this day, means the world to me, and I was so honored when Emma asked me to create a keepsake box for her friend Jen, since I knew how much I loved the one that was given to me.

I asked Emma to share a few things with me about Jen (her hobbies, occupation, wedding colors, likes/dislikes), and got going on creating a box that could be passed from one friend to another on her wedding day. Even while making this box I got emotional thinking about how excited Emma has been to present it to her friend. I cannot wait to deliver it to Emma today and I hope that this box has as much meaning for Jen, as my box did for me. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials Jen!

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Tools and Gadgets

I was so excited to receive an invitation to Anna and Lars’ “Tools and Gadgets Shower” because I LOVE themed events! When I first read through the invite I thought “hmm tools and gadgets eh? What to do? What to do?” but after hemming and hawing I came up with a plan. I sent Adam out to the store thinking “I’ll let Adam take care of this one, cause men like tools right?” Well, yes, but my dear husband, although adorable, doesn’t have the most creative bones in his body and returned home with a pizza slicer and a bag of “just add water” pizza dough. For Adam this was actually quite good, but it didn’t quite cut it in my opinion for our friends Anna and Lars.

Lars is Adam’s best buddy from law school and he has become somewhat of a “brother” figure for me. I’m really happy for Lars because he has found a woman that loves adventure, laughter, doggies, the outdoors, and sporting events just as much as he does. Anna and Lars will be married on July 24th and I can’t wait to see all of the details of their big day.

After Adam’s return home with the pizza slicer I decided to call Lars and ask him what “gadgets” he was in need of. To no surprise, Lars answered “Uhh, I don’t know. We don’t really need anything.” Wrong answer Lars. Everyone needs fun kitchen gadgets! I finally decided to leave the men out of it, and headed to Crate and Barrel to begin my search for the perfect gadgets to supplement the theme of the shower.

While exploring the immense array of gadgets at Crate, I came upon an adorable strawberry huller and the idea popped in my head…”how about a basket full of gadgets related to fruits!” I quickly added a gadget perfect for an orange, lemon, grapefruit, and apple to the strawberry huller already in hand. Voila! Who doesn’t love a fruit basket? Especially one representing all the amazing gadgets available for our fruits!

Here’s the basket I created for Anna and Lars’ shower this weekend. I hope you enjoy the gadgets you two : )

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The Knot

While planning our wedding last year, I spent hours and hours (actually days and days) on being inspired by the dresses, flowers, colors, cakes, venues and more available on their website. Along with my online endeavors, I poured through multiple magazines, immersing myself in all things weddings – I just couldn’t get enough, and to this day I still spend many of my mornings looking at the latest wedding blogs to see what is up and coming in the world of weddings. One of my most favorite parts of a wedding are (of course) the paper details. Whether it be the invitations, save-the-dates, menus, escort cords, table numbers or programs, I LOVE seeing all the beautiful ways that brides and grooms use paper to enhance the beauty of their weddings.

A few weeks after our wedding last August, my wedding photographer Becky Young and I sent in some photographs to The Knot. Throughout the planning process, I had dreamed of my wedding one day appearing on a wedding blog, or in a bridal magazine, or even if I was very lucky on To my surprise and total excitement, I got all 3 of my wishes! One by one I got messages from Becky and my amazing floral designer Cori Cook telling me a few of the places our wedding was being featured including Style Me Pretty. The biggest surprise of all came when I received an email from the editor of The Knot Magazine stating that they wanted to use our wedding in the “Just Married” section of an upcoming issue! My excitement continued as I read further along in the email and realized that we would also be making it onto their website….that same website I had spent all of those many hours scanning through. I was practically jumping up and down as I screamed to Adam to come and read the email to double check that I wasn’t daydreaming.

Well, it wasn’t a dream and I am so excited to share that Adam and I’s little wedding is being featured in the Fall/Winter 2010 edition of The Knot Colorado Magazine (pg. 39), as well as on The! I can’t believe the day has finally arrived, and even when I received our copy on our doorstep a few weeks ago I had to literally pinch myself!

Included in this post are some of my favorite photographs from our day. I’ve included some of the “paper” details from our wedding as well; which, by the way, would not have come to fruition without the help of my amazing mom – thanks mom!

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I said “I do” to my very best friend and the best guy I have ever met. I consider myself amazingly lucky everyday to have found a man that supports me in every way that a person deserves to be supported – I love you Adam!

My mom and I created the escort cards incorporating vintage buttons that belonged to my grandmother. We also included her antique wooden spools by wrapping them in lace and placing the assortment on distressed (by my mom) spool racks. We finished the look by adding pearls.

I just had to have vintage blue mason jars in our wedding and through the help of my loving friends and family, and hours and hours of antique shopping, I was able to have various sizes of these beautiful jars throughout the ceremony and reception sites.

The ceremony programs also included hand painted doves and our initials on the back.

I wanted to include some pictures from our amazing engagement photo shoot with Becky into the wedding day details. I found an adorable journal of recycled paper with a stamp of the Eiffel Tower on the front, which we used  as our guest book. I tied gorgeous blue and light green ribbon around the seam and attached 3×5 photos on various pages throughout the journal leaving blank pages for our guests to sign.

Couldn’t resist showing another pic…my most favorite detail of the day.

One of my bridesmaids, Ellen, and I hand painted my table numbers. I wanted french details to be included throughout the day, so I decided to include the french wording of each corresponding table number.

Thanks to the help of my Mom and sisters, these adorable jars came to life and were given to our guests as favors.

Our gorgeous venue.

I placed vintage frames, passed down from family members, on our cocktail tables, including more of our engagement photos in them. My mom created the square table cloths using an amazing navy and white damask print I found. Each of the 5 cocktail tables had a different yellow vase and flower.

Using tiny clothespins and yellow ribbon we strung various baby pictures of both Adam and myself in the cocktail area. I attached navy and canary yellow cardstock to the backs of the photos to carry along our color scheme.

One of the two types of centerpieces created by Cori. She is so stellar at what she does! I told her what I was envisioning and without hesitation she created the floral arrangements of my dreams.

Thanks for taking a look at our special day!


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