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18 and road tripping…

Last month I got to spend an amazing few days with my sister Coli. Coli is my youngest sister, turning 18 (holy cow!) on March 6th. Coli, like me, LOVES to travel and just recently obtained her very 1st passport! She had yet to leave the country and I thought it a prime opportunity for us to take a little road trip up to Vancouver B.C. during her visit to Seattle over her spring break.

I wanted our trip to not only be filled with fun, sightseeing, laughter and lots of shopping : ), but also be a moment in time that was memorable and meaningful for the both of us. I have struggled a bit (okay a whole bit) in the past year realizing that my baby sister is “growing up” and will soon be heading off to college. I knew this trip had the potential to be incredibly special and I kinda viewed it as our last “childhood” trip together.

As a means of also making the trip a birthday celebration, I decided to include an overnight stay at the St. Regis  (gorgeous hotel by the way) as a birthday gift to Coli.  I didn’t tell her I was planning to have us stay overnight or what we would be doing during our time in Canada, but instead sent her a birthday box with a paper creation tucked inside, in the hopes of clueing her in on our trip details and to get her excited about our trip.

Using cardstock, scrapbooking doodads, and ribbon, I created a trip itinerary flip book. I filled the pages with all of the sights and adventures we would see/do during our time in Canada. I attempted to use as many bright colors as possible to make it fun and eye-catching and also included these cute little red envelopes that I found at a paper crafting store . I attached the red envelopes to a few of the pages and included little “tickets” inside for Coli to redeem on our trip ; )

I am so lucky to have a sister like Coli. She is intelligent, beautiful, creative, amazingly gifted, and a woman I greatly admire in my life. I love her to tears and had the time of my life on our trip. Here are some pictures of my paper creation for Coli and my favorite picture of her from our time together. I love you Coli!



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Wee One

It’s not too too often that I get to wrap a baby gift, but when I do I am over the moon! Babies are awesome. They just are. And lucky for me I am surrounded by babies on most days; yes I do have a fantastic job! : )

I haven’t had too many close friends give birth yet, so when Amanda told me last August that she and Ryan were expecting in March I was so thrilled! Amanda was one of my closest friends in nursing school and boy did we go through a lot together. There were so many ups and downs, and highs and lows throughout school, and Amanda was right there beside me to either cry/whine with me, study beside me or doodle during class right along with me. We even held some of our first nursing school babies with each other during our rotations on labor and delivery.

Adam and I were fortunate enough to be invited to Amanda and Ryan’s wedding a few years back and I just couldn’t wait for them to get pregnant. And hip hip hooray! They did, and now baby Oliver is here!

I got to meet Oliver today during my trip out to Colorado and he is SOOOOO cute!!  Here’s a few pictures of my gift for Oliver. LOVED wrapping this one! Congratulations Amanda and Ryan!

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Beginning the Celebration

I never feel like engagements are celebrated enough. A couple usually gets engaged and the first question is: “when are you gonna get married?”  It’s soooo important and fun to celebrate the engagement itself, and really relish in all the joy that comes from it! I get really excited when a couple decides to have a party to celebrate their engagement before moving into all the “craziness” that is wedding planning.

My sister Sarah got engaged a couple of months ago, and I wanted to, in some way, celebrate Sarah and Tristan’s engagement itself with a little gift. I decided to incorporate Sarah and Tristan’s wedding colors into the wrapping of the gift (red and turquoise) and also included a sneak peak at their wedding invitations that I’m working on through the gift tag design.

I can’t wait to do some wedding dress shopping with Sarah this weekend back home in CO and congratulate the happy couple on their engagement in person! Congrats you two!

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Birthday Trio

I am so excited for dinner tonight! I’m celebrating my birthday with 3 fabulous women I work with at Becoming Parents Program.  It just so happens that Melissa, Apple, Emma and I all have April birthdays which are within a week of each other (Em and Melissa on the 16th, Apple on the 20th and myself on the 21st!).  We decided to celebrate our birthdays together by having an office dinner party tonight at Via Tribunali (a pizzeria on Capitol Hill near work).

I wanted to not only make birthday cards that represented the personality of each gal, but also create a sort of card “trio” that complimented each other as well.  My goal in the future is to create greeting cards that can be part of a set or package, and I thought this might be a great opportunity to try out some of my ideas.

I fell in love with a dark purple color (which is weird b/c I usually hate purple) while looking through cardstock colors this weekend, and decided to make it the signature color for all 3 of the birthday cards.  I chose a paper design that I felt was unique to each personality and added both green and black to complement the color scheme.  I also added Apple, Emma and Melissa’s names to their respective cards as a way to personalize the cards a bit more.  The birthday cards also have inserts inside each one to write a birthday greeting on, and I carried the color schemes of the front of each card onto the insert as well.  Take a look!  : )

Happy Birthday Em, Melissa and Apple!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight! JB

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The Map

My father-in-law Pete, and mother-in-law Linda are coming into town to visit Adam and I today! We’re very excited to have them and are looking forward to a weekend full of relaxing and catching up!

One thing we will be doing this weekend is celebrating Pete’s birthday. When I sat down a couple of weekends ago to figure out how I wanted to wrap Pete’s birthday gift, I realized how many amazing things have happened for Pete in the past year.

One of the most major things was that Pete retired from Continental Airlines after 26 years of service as a pilot for the airline. Adam and I, including Adam’s 3 brothers, his mom, and my sister-in-law Cindy were able to accompany Pete on his last trip. Over Thanksgiving weekend last November Adam and I met the Blake Fam in Houston and then we flew (Pete was the pilot) over to Honolulu for a little getaway. Although short lived, the trip was AMAZING! We hung out at the beach, soaked up some rays, and ate some fantastic food. We then hopped back on the plane and accompanied Pete on his very last flight as a commercial pilot. It was emotional to say the very least and I felt so honored to share the trip with my husband, and my new father in law.

I have always wanted to use maps as wrapping paper and thought what better way to celebrate Pete “the pilot,” who has flown all across the U.S., than by using a map to wrap his birthday gift! I bought one of those HUGE wall maps of the United States and cut it to the shape of Pete’s gift. I then added a very “masculine” looking ribbon (tweed looking actually) as the finishing touch.

Happy Birthday Pete! I’m looking forward to celebrating your birthday this weekend! What a year you have had and I hope you have many more years of monumental and amazing events to come! Love you!

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An Easter Greeting

Being away from home during any holiday can be challenging because I miss home A LOT. One way that I mitigate the feeling of being so far away is by sending my family cards – I instantly feel more connected. I love making handmade cards but mostly I just love sending a little note letting my family know how much I love them and that I am thinking about them during a particular holiday.  Easter is no different.

I LOVED Easter as a kid…waking up to my own special Easter basket filled with loads of candy that wasn’t commonly available in our house, and when it was, it was under lock and key so my Dad couldn’t find it and steal it. : ) Easter is also one of those special holidays meant to spend with family, at home with a yummy dinner to boot. I miss my family terribly today but am reminded about how fantastic my Easter’s always were as a kid, thanks Mom and Dad!

Here’s the Easter card I sent to my Elliott family and my new Blake family this year. I used stamps this time (not something I usually lean toward) but I fell in love with the adorable Easter bunny selling carrots…reminded me of those summers selling lemonade out front of our house.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are spending this spring holiday with the ones you love!

Just had to add a pic of my blog sidekick Bailie Buggers! Happy Happy Easter!

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